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We all need that extra help, encouragement and knowledge to get us where we want to go.
Enter >> 1:1 and Group Coaching.

Coaching is my way of crafting a personalized plan for you to grow in the direction that matters most to you. Looking to uplevel your career? I gotchu. Looking to better communicate in your marriage while growing both individually & together? I have a plan for that.

I'm currently offering two different coaching tracks:


90 Day Growth

A lot can happen in 90 days. You can form new habits, break bad ones, get a promotion, start a new job or completely change the game in your relationships. When we are intentional with our time, efforts and talents we can dramatically change the trajectory of our life within 90 days.

My 90 Day Coaching Program is a 3-month commitment dedicated to helping you make major progress in 1 area of your life. Choose from:

-Career Growth

Looking to make money moves in 2019? We'll focus on everything from salary negotiation, getting your presentation skills up to snuff, becoming an emotionally intelligent leader and how-to identify the projects that will really move the needle for your career advancement.

-Relationship Growth

Relationships are at the heart of our life experience. Without them, life feels less meaningful and exciting. We'll work together to dream up a plan to make your relationships soar!

Choose which type of relationship you want to focus on:

○ Marriage/Significant Other
○ Friendships
○ Family
○ Co-Workers/Professional Network

The Ultimate
Job Search

90 days. 12 weeks. 3 months. The average time needed from start to finish to secure a new gig. Looking to make a career change that is more aligned with your values, interests and skills? I’m here to help! Sign up for the Ultimate Job Search.

Coaching includes:
• 2 hour discovery session:
—Jumpstart Your Job Search Kit
—Strengths Finder Assessment
—Passion Profile
—Dream Job Checklist

• Bi-Weekly Strategy Sessions (1 hr - 6 Total)
○ Session 1 - Review Strengths Assessment + Passion Profile, Discuss how the next couple of weeks will work. Send questionnaire to collect information.
○ Session 2 - Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Optimization. Review questionnaire + industries of interest
○ Session 3 - Interview Prep 101
○ Session 4 - Interview Performance
○ Session 5 - Networking + Mentor Matching
○ Session 6 - Final Wrap-Up (All final documents delivered Word Doc. + PDF)
• Job Identification - Identify 3-5 Jobs to apply for, we will submit materials together.
• Interview Preparation
• Networking/Mentors


Not sure if a 1:1 program is right for you?
Grab and friend (or two or three)
and embark on this coaching journey together.

You must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s world.
— Marie Forleo

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