3 Practical Tips To Find More Clarity


It seems that people are suffering from a lot of confusion these days, myself included. From contemplating big life choices like deciding if relocating for your career is the right move  for your family or taking the leap from renting to home ownership, there's so much pressure to make a choice, even if you haven't fully worked out how you feel about said choice. Even simple things like what we are going to order at the Dunkin Donuts Drive Thru, to deciding how we want to fill our free time is perplexing us. Being in this state of confusion does nothing to get us closer to what we really desire, instead it stalls us and keeps us in a weird alternative universe. Yuck. I don't know about you, but  I don't want to be caught in limbo anymore. I want to have more clarity so that I can make decisions (even hard ones) with both grace & ease.

In the hope of bringing you more peace of mind, I share my three trusted tips on how to bring more clarity into your life so you can tackle those big decisions:

  1. Write it all down - I have the tendency to talk things to their death. We all do. When we're confused about something we want to talk it out to everyone and anyone that we know. It’s always nice to hear the perspective of those around you (especially, if they are members of your trusted tribe) however, many times talking about your potential choices over and over again with external sources only clouds your thinking even more. My advice is to look inward, use yourself as your sounding board. Sit down, find a quiet space and light a candle. Take a moment to let your thoughts wash over you and then on a blank piece of paper write it all down. Literally, everything that comes to your mind, WRITE.IT.DOWN. Don't try to make sense of it. After you let yourself free write look over what you have on your paper and use it has a guide to help you navigate what you're really feeling.

  2. Work it Out - Everyone knows the amazing benefits that tag along with working out, but did you know that it can help you with your decision making? When we find ourselves faced with a tough choice, many times we let it consume us. We think about it all day and all night. We let it become our complete focus. What you really need in this case, is a distraction and what better distraction is there than working out?! I can't tell you how many times I've had an AHA moment about a decision I needed to make while on the treadmill or going through my arm circuit. We are exhausting our brains by all of our over-thinking, we need to take a break and let our gut instincts take over.

  3. Sleep On It - Sometimes we get to the point where we've over-thought our potential choices so much that we need to completely turn off our brains. Sleeping is the human manual reset button and it works wonders when it comes to making a tough decision. For some reason having to make a hard decision creates a sense of urgency in us like none other. We instantly feel the need to make the choice RIGHT NOW, when what really needs to happen is for us to slow down. Time is a great litmus test for decision making and one of the ways we can convince ourselves into having more time is to sleep on it before making a choice. Turning off our conscious thoughts and letting our subconscious mind take over helps us find a new perspective, one that's been inside us all along.

I wish you the best of luck on your decision making journey. My intention is that these practical tips help you make choices that are 100% aligned with who you are and what you really want.

With so much love & gratitude,