Friendship: The Perfect Valentine

With Valentine's Day literally right around the corner, it's not surprising that our surroundings are filled with hearts, romantic gestures  and a slew of Valentine's Day themed events. It seems that once the month of February hits, Cupid's arrow infects us all with a heaping does of love (or at least a heaping dose of marketing & advertising tactics promoting love). Even businesses are getting into the love action! Case in point, the Great Lakes Science Center's Smitten With Science Event (sign me up to attend)! It seems that no one is immune from the romantic hoopla. As an engaged cheeseball who is getting married this December, I can first hand say how much I love my fiancé Rod and how much I enjoy taking every opportunity to appreciate & celebrate him. This year though, I also want to celebrate who I feel are the Valentine's Day unsung heroes and a huge source of love in our lives:


Yes, you heard me right! This year I am literally bursting at the seams to celebrate my besties, gal pals, and soul sisters on Valentine's Day. As I've gotten older and experienced more of this life, I've come to realize how truly valuable our friendships are. As we all know, the further we get into our lives, the harder it is to spend every minute with our friends like we did in college. Getting together and staying in touch requires a lot more work and schedule coordination, but the outcome feels even more worth it! I look back over the last eight years and the thing that I'm most proud of has nothing to do with the experiences I've been able to add to my resume, but instead centers around  the amazing tribe of friends that I've created in my life.

So, to all my favorite people out there, this is my love letter to you!

-Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on, a listening ear and my favorite form of talk therapy.

-Thank youfor being supportive of my decisions (and telling me in the kindest way possible when you think I've gone down the wrong path).

-Thank you for endless memories of dancing our butts off in the form of going out and in choreographing our own dance moves in our apartments.

-Thank you for teaching me what it means to be a hard worker and what a strong work ethic really looks like.

-Thank youfor being my chauffeur since you know I'm really not into driving!

-Speaking of being in the car, thank you for singing your heart out with me to our favorite Broadway musicals and Disney soundtracks.

-Thank youfor giving me a second (or a third, fourth & fifth!) chance at our friendship.

-Thank youfor believing in all my crazy dreams.

-Thank  you for being my sidekick during all of our childhood adventures including the endless hours playing gymnastic Barbie, Frogger & the Oregon Trail.

-Thank youfor seeing the best in me when I'm struggling to see it in myself.

-Thank you for staying in and playing board games with me when everyone else our age is going out.

-Thank you for crying with me when we're frustrated with the world.

"Because of you, I laugh a litter harder, cry a little less and smile a lot more."

With so much love & gratitude,