9 Weeks To The Best You


It's hard to believe that we're almost at the mid-point of the entire year {truly only 9 weeks away!} You may be asking where the time has gone,  has it been an absolute blur for you or has the time felt like it's been creeping slowly by? In either scenario, I can bet that you haven't focused on your dreams, goals and intentions for the year as much as you would have liked to.

 But what If I told you that at this year's mid-point check-in {July 1st}, 9 weeks from today, that you could feel more momentum, more confidence and more assured that you're moving in the direction that will get you closer to where you ultimately want to be -- whether that's a new job OR pursuing a hobby that simply brings you more joy? 

 Planning for my year at the end of December/January and then checking in on those plans throughout the year is something I have consistently practiced. This tried and true process is 100% responsible for keeping me on track and energized to go after my big goals. This year, I'm sharing my process, favorite resources and easy-to-apply habits so that you can continue building momentum in your life too! In addition to sharing my advice and resources, I'll be tapping into experts each week to share their tried and true best practices as well.

 Over the next 9 weeks {starting with tomorrow!} we'll be doing a deep dive into the following areas so that when July 1st rolls around you're ready to make BIG progress in the 2nd half of the year:

 Week 1: Tell Your story & map out your plan | I'll be sharing free digital worksheets that will walk you through how to outline your life story to help you connect the dots to map out your yearly plan. This part is foundational for setting you up for success and the absolute best place to start.

 Week 2: Identify the skills you want to learn and master this year | It's easier to identify a big goal or dream, but harder to pinpoint the exact skills needed to make that goal happen. We'll work backwards to identify the skills you need to master to make your goals a reality.

Week 3: Travel Itinerary | Seeing new places and experiencing new things has a profound impact on our growth. Whether that's treating your very own city as destination or traveling to some far off place in the world, a big part of yearly planning is mapping out the places we want to visit.

 Week 4: Your reading list |  Book nerds unite! I'll be sharing all my favorite reading trackers, book clubs and reading lists that you can weave into your yearly plan.

 Week 5: Uplevel your relationships with your friends, family and co-workers | Connection. One of the most important parts of our lives. We'll cover how to build and nurture great relationships to cultivate more connection in your everyday.

 Week 6: Marriage: Making time for the relationships that mean the most to you | The relationships that are most important to us are often the areas where we experience the most growth. We'll discuss ways to make sure your yearly plan includes how to continue growing in these relationships through quality-time and intentional planning together.

 Week 7: Getting your health right | We can't accomplish our big goals and dreams if our mind + bodies aren't in sync. We'll tap into wellness experts to discuss self-care, fitness, sleep and healthy eating programs to help you think about what will make the most sense in your wellness routine.

 Week 8: Planning how you will invest in yourself this year | Growth doesn't happen if we don't invest in ourselves to continue learning + developing in our areas of interest. We'll discuss how we can invest in ourselves (both with time & money) to build momentum towards our goals.

 Week 9: Bringing it all together into your BIG DREAMS | We'll bring everything together to highlight the roadmap for accomplishing our BIG DREAMS in 2019 and beyond.

 Are you in? I really hope you are! My intention for this 9-week series is to truly help you make the most of this year so that when December 31st rolls around and you reflect back on 2019,  you can feel proud of all the progress you've made.  In addition to all of the free content I'll be sharing throughout the series, I'm offering an extra resource for those that want to dive in even deeper:

 1:1 Coaching | For only $49  I'm offering a limited amount {only 12 slots!} for 1:1 coaching for anyone that wants a personalized version of the series. Coaching will include two (2) 30-minute phone calls to help you maximize your planning. Interested? Snag your spot by sending your $49 to brittanyraeneish@gmail.com at Paypal with the note "Mid Year Check-In."

I cannot wait to get started on our 9-week journey together, I know that it will be fun and transformational as we stay on track to accomplish our dreams.  To follow-along with this 9 week series sign-up for the weekly eNewsletter HERE and follow-along on SOCIAL.

 Any questions? Send me a note at info@brittanyneish.com