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Why Other People's Opinions About You Don't Matter

Falling into the trap of believing other people's opinions about us is a slippery slope of disaster. Instead of listening to our own intuition and guidance we start amplifying the external voices around us. It's not long until we're both living and dying by the praise, criticism and projected fears of others, placed on us through the vehicle of other people's opinions.

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The Unsexy Side of Risk Taking

Risk taking is society's new favorite catch phrase. I can't even begin to count how many times I hear or see the words "take a risk" peppered in articles, campaigns and general conversation. While the act of taking a risk still remains a great catalyst for change in our lives, most of the stories we hear around risk-taking end with a "happily ever after" outcome. We hear hundreds of stories where people have taken the risk to relocate and it ends up being the best decision they've ever made. Or we're told tales of individuals taking a risk in a completely new industry or field where they end up finding their ultimate passion. While these stories continue to be both inspiring and motivating, I personally want more transparency around the unsexy side of risk taking.

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