Where Will Your Wanderlust Take You This Year?


Are you in search of more adventure in your life? Week #3 in my mid-year series is here to get you in a travel state of mind.

TRAVEL without a doubt has always been my first love. There are few things in life that I feel bring as much JOY as the anticipation and then the actual participation of a trip. From meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, trying out new food and seeing the world’s wonders — travel opens our minds and our hearts to new perspectives.

You may be wondering why traveling is an important part of your yearly planning and the truth is it’s one of MOST important parts of outlining your year {or in this case, the back half of the year!}. Life is about living and part of being alive is the act of experiencing new things. If experiencing new things isn’t part of your yearly plans then your severely missing out. The best part of travel is that it can and will mean different things to different people. Maybe your idea of travel is exploring the city that you live in or maybe it’s crossing off every country that you want to explore. No matter your budget, your interests or your travel dreams, you can create a travel list that truly reflects you.

This week we’ll be hearing from two of my favorite travel gurus to help you kick-start your travel wish-list for 2019.

Scott Simon

Meet Scott Simon

Scott is the Founder + CEO of Scare Your Soul — the global courage movement that inspires people to ignite their best selves through living a courageous life. He’s also one of the most kind, inspiring and encouraging people I know! This week he’ll be sharing how experiences {like travel}, can boost our happiness.

Leah Deppert.jpg

Meet Leah Deppert

Leah is the creator of the wanderlust inducing travel blog By Travel & Error where she shares all of her travel tips, tricks and inspiration from her very own getaways. Leah also happens to be one of the most authentic individuals I’ve ever come across. This week, Leah will be sharing her easy 4 step process on how-to map out your travel plans for the back half of 2019.

Are you ready to start packing for your next adventure yet?

Follow along on Instagram as I share all the travel planning guidance throughout this week. I hope you end this week with so much anticipation + excitement for your next trip {that you’ll have booked as part of your back-half plans, right?!} And, just in case you needed some extra visual travel inspo, see below for a few of my favorite pictures captured from my 2018 travel adventures.