Why Your Digital Resume Matters: Lessons on LinkedIn


As more of our world, experiences and tools become online-based, the importance of being digitally literate grows, making it a non-negotiable skill to master. From Instagram to Twitter and everything in-between, your digital identity is tightly tied to how your digital literacy shows up through your online presence.

Do your personal social channels, website or online portfolio best represent your experience, unique perspective and your expertise in your particular industry/category/area of interest? If YES, then you're on the right path to making your personal branding online work hard for you. If not, I'm here to help.

 As a global social media strategist, I've seen first-hand the power and impact that one simple step (that can be done in under 2hrs!) can have on your digital identity --- updating your LinkedIn profile. Yes, you read that correctly. I strongly believe in the value taking the time to polish up your LinkedIn profile brings.  I've seen those that invest their energy and time into this snag a great job, land new clients, create new connections that propel their career growth and be asked to contribute to popular publications within their industry that build-up their thought leadership. 

That's why I'm hosting a LinkedIn Masterclass. A deep dive into the platform and personalized recommendations for how you can make your profile best reflect YOU. 

I've provided all of the details below. Spots are LIMITED so you'll want to snag your seat ASAP. To reserve your spot please email info@brittanyneish.com

Date  - Saturday, April 27th

Time - 10am - 12pm

Location - Based in the Cleveland area & will send location details upon sign-up.

LinkedIn Masterclass | What we'll cover

  • Profile Picture & Cover Photo Selection | We'll select a new profile pic and cover photo that best reflects you, your industry and your goals.

  • Summary | Learn how to craft a summary with personality. Each attendee will be given a workbook that takes them through a variety of questions and prompts.

  • Your Experience | Gone are the days of copy & pasting directly from your resume. We'll make your experience sing by adding multimedia elements and strong examples of the great work you've done.

  • Give & Get Recommendations | Learn how to GIVE better recommendations to GET quality recommendations in return.

  • Thought Leadership | Start amplifying your expertise through a thought leadership plan. We'll outline how to identify who you should be following, how to start writing regular articles that showcase your voice and the sweet spot when it comes to the correct posting cadence.

What you need to bring:

  • Your computer

  • A folder or zip drive that includes any relevant articles, photos, videos and projects that you'd like to highlight within your profile.

  • Curiosity and a learning mindset!

Have questions or want to learn more - email me at info@brittanyneish.com. Looking forward to seeing you there!