How to Cultivate an Ego Free Work Environment

Welcome back to the What You Do Matters Podcast! This week we are talking about what it takes to cultivate ego free teamwork and an ego free work environment. I brought my team member, Sara Jensen on today to break down five ways that we came up with together to step into ego free work. This episode is perfect for anyone working with a team of people, or even those interacting in our everyday relationships (AKA everyone!). Enjoy!

Topics we dig into in this episode include:

  • The why behind the work

  • Being very intentional with the interactions you deal with in your life and work

  • How as a team we highly prioritize development and caring about each other

  • Deemphasizing yourself and shining the spotlight on the team

  • The five things you can implement in order to cultivate your own ego free work environment

    • Using we language

    • If you do the work, you present it

    • Handing out gold stars, not collecting them.

    • Calling yourself out when you don’t show up in the ways you want to

    • Actually caring

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