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It starts with knowing that you don't have to go it alone.
We're in this together.

I currently offer TWO different ways you can work with me.

For the last 10 years, I’ve identified the two best ways I can serve others to put them on a path of growth and positivity.



I help others uncover what brings them meaning + joy so that they can take the action to create a life they love, because



Do you need a speaker or facilitator for your next event, workshop or team gathering? You’re in luck! Over the last 10 years I’ve spoken at both big and large-scale events delivering a punch of motivation and encouragement.



Cultivating Positivity + Optimism
Finding Meaning In The Workplace
Kindness As A Competitive Advantage
Creating A Weekly Work Rhythm To Take Control of Your Calendar
Identifying What Brings You Meaning To Live A Joy-Filled Life
Ego-Free Teamwork | Building Purpose-Driven Teams

to answer your questions..

+ What is included with coaching?

I'm so excited to be offering a robust coaching package. My current coaching offering includes, pre-work materials, a two-hour deep dive where we talk through all the things, session follow-up and my favorite resources that keep me on track including a Start Today Journal and High Performance Planner.

+ How do I know if coaching will benefit me?

Coaching will benefit you if you are a person dedicated to your own personal and professional growth. I can't do the work for you but I CAN put you on the right path and support you on your journey.

+ Does coaching have to take place in-person?

It does not! Coaching can be held in-person if you're local to the Cleveland area OR I offer virtual coaching options as well.

+ Do you yourself have a coach?

I sure do! I've had many coaches throughout my life from business coaches to personal ones and they have all been hugely instrumental in my life. Personally experiencing the power of coaching is why I've been so passionate about starting my own coaching practice.

+ What if after I start coaching I feel like it's not benefiting me?

If you do all the work and STILL fill like you aren't getting out of coaching what you'd hoped too, I offer a 100% refund on my services.

+ Is career coaching available?

YES! During the pre-coaching prior to our 2-hr deep dive we discuss what one area you want to focus on and career coaching is one of those options.

+ How long have you been speaking to audiences?

I have been speaking to audiences for a LONG TIME. It all began in fourth grade when I entered a speech competition where I had to recite passages from the Diary of Anne Frank. From there I particpated in my high school speech and debate team, went on to speak for student groups/campus events during college to now speaking at a variety of events including conferences, team building workshops, and many more! I have 10+ years of professional speaking experience that I lean on.

+ Is there a minimum number of attendees required for a speaking engagement?

I'm happy to speak or lead a workshop for groups both big and small. I currently do not require a minimum attendee number.

+ Will you faciliate a team building activity?

Absolutely! Faciliating a team building workshop or event is one of my favorite ways to create a positive impact within small businesses and organizations.

+ How is your speaking offering different from others?

I'd describe my speaking style as a punch of positively and enthusiasm. I love what I do and that shines through when I'm speaking. I guarentee that you won't walk away bored.

+ Will you customize a topic for our group?

Yes! I believe that customizing my content to the audience that I am speaking to is not an option but an essential. I want the content to truly resonate and to do that it needs to be in the correct context for the audience that I'm speaking with.

+ How far in advance do you require a speaking engagement to be booked?

I require at least a 10 day advance notice for a speaking engagement.


Let’s get started!

Hope is not a strategy.
— Rachel Hollis